Our Vision:

It was the right vision of the company's founder late Sheikh / Hamzah Jamjoom’ s and his logic of a business model in the field of trading that made Jamjoom General Agencies what it is today. Since the founding of the company more than 35 years ago, the founder (Sheikh Hamzah) was focused on satisfying consumers’ needs, and had since then succeeded in importing and catering high value and quality products at affordable prices to local consumers. While this is a difficult equation to achieve, he has traveled around the world building fruitful business relationships with global companies and international suppliers, and was able to partner with international suppliers and became the exclusive distributor in Saudi Arabia of world-wide famous brands, the company still keeps this business relations strong and well-established up to date. The Founder’s vision has become such an approach, that Sheikh / Jamal Jamjoom, who took responsibility and leadership of the company after Sheikh / Hamza, has taken upon himself to follow this vision and maintain the company's growth and progress, bringing the company to rank among the largest companies in its field, he has attracted new international agencies of high quality products, to be added to the portfolio of brands already in hand, despite the difficulty of this matter at the moment due to the tough competition in the global and local markets, nevertheless; under his wise leadership the company continues to provide the best and finest products and services to the local consumer, maintaining the company's original vision (high quality and value products at competitive prices)