For more than 120 years, PARKER has established itself as a pioneer in the Fine Writing field in both technology and design. Born out of part-time salesman George Parker’s yearning for a more reliable pen, PARKER thrives on its dedication to understanding consumer needs. The brand’s technological breakthroughs and tireless innovation have transformed the industry time and time again with products demonstrating craftsmanship and quality. PARKER’s drive to innovate? George Parker’s ethos, “Make a better pen and people will buy it.” PARKER is a forever partner, for those who strive for achievement in life and write their own story.
PARKER’s innovations in technology and design have not only carved out a place for the brand in history, but still resonate with consumers today.
In 1894, the first major innovation came in the form of PARKER’s Lucky Curve, a new fountain pen system. Featuring a pioneering anti-leak curved ink feed system the Lucky Curve allowed users, for the first time, to travel with their fountain pens easily and without worry. PARKER continued to innovate, introducing the Vacumatic in the 1930s. The pen’s ink well, visible through a transparent barrel, held over twice as much ink as other pens. In 1954, PARKER created the Jotter, an innovation that sold more than 3.5 million units in the first year and lives today as an iconic design.
In parallel, PARKER’s breakthroughs in design innovation created a name for the brand as well. The landmark bold design of the Duofold defied the status quo and attracted users and headlines during the roaring ‘20s. Its big, audacious design perfectly reflected the spirit of the times. In 1940, the Parker 51 received the Academy Award for Best Design due to its streamlined and highly original look. The breakthrough design was so well-received that demand exceeded production.
In 2011, continuing in its tradition of cutting-edge design and technology, PARKER introduces Parker 5TH Technology, its ground-breaking new mode of writing housed in the Parker Ingenuity Collection. Exclusive to PARKER, the innovation offers a new writing experience, providing an easy and clean refill system, an ultra-smooth smart glide tip that adapts to your writing style and prestigious, on-trend design elements .

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